Coursera: So THAT’S how they plan to make money…..

Over the week-end I signed up for a free Coursera class, E-Learning and Digital Cultures.  I was wondering how Coursera does or will “monetize” their venture.  This N.Y. Times article answers that question.

Students Rush to Web Classes, But Profits May be Much Later

I am curious how this class will be.  I admit, I am concerned that because it is free I will have an easy out.  I wonder what the completion rates are for these classes?  I do think it will be significantly higher for folks who obtain a certificate or, of course, class credit.  





What is your nonprofit’s call to action?: Identifying clear objectives


Sometimes lost in the sea of social media are the basics of a good nonprofit web site.  “How to Create Clear Objectives For Your Nonprofit’s Website” is a good overview of the importance of clear objectives for your organization’s web site, particularly related to calls to action.  The article, on John Haydon’s website, includes a useful worksheet.

Content Curation: Hey, I think I am attempting that!

Beth Kanter presented a slide show at a recent non-profit conference, with a title I just love:  Mindful or Mind Full Social Media, with tips for mindfull content curation…I can already see how burn out can creep in!

Slate also published a useful article on how limiting commitments can be your best new years resolution: Economists on How to Make Better New Year’s Resolutions 

One of my goals for this blog is to be a spot where I can keep track of all the articles, webinars, blogs about  social media, particularly for non-profits.  It has been a challenge in the past for me to keep track of web-based content so I am giving this a whirl.

How do you measure social media impact? What is success?

Short answer:  I am learning!  I just registered for a free webinar

 Measuring the Networked Nonprofit – Simple Steps for Measuring Social Media Results

on this topic, presented by Beth Kanter, author of  “Measuring the Networked Non-profit: Using Data to Change the World.  The webinar is sponsored by and registration information is here.

Beth Kanter is an expert on social media for non-profits and I strongly recommend perusing her blog for great information.  She is also on Face Book, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, to name a few!

Melding Strategy with Storytelling

Interesting blog post about the importance of harnessing the storytelling power of social media with  strategy.  Doing so is especially important for non-profits – social media is a great opportunity to tell success stories and personalize your non-profit mission.

Read   Why-your-social-media-plan-needs-gurus-and-storytellers” here.